Artist Statement

In my work I have always been interested in what we project on to our selves and consequently on to others and how this shapes the way we relate to one and another. I work in photography and video to explore how these relationships are created by means of looking. I look at my works as portraits. I always am a (temporary) participant of the worlds I portray. My subjects are my neighbors, people I meet during my stay at various residencies, people who live in the town of exhibit and sometimes my own family. I work with the idea that imagination and fantasy can be used as a starting point for rethinking the role of visual representation

I question my own role as an artist within the traditions of presentation and representation. I am interested in how projection can bring us closer to the others we see. These questions can be condensed into a single disarmingly simple question: How do I relate to the subjects I portray and the images I see?
Kirsten Leenaars
Oct 2007
Art 44-46, Chicago
April 2008
CAW, Chicago